Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Caring for a recovering husband- how domestic!

This week has been a blur!! Not entirely what one would recognize as being terribly domestic if they came and looked at my home! On the contrary, the house is a wreck, there are dishes sitting needing to be done and laundry waiting to be washed. I would actually be mortified if somebody could see my bathroom right now!

That said, By goodness have I been busy at work being a loving wife this week. I mentioned my husband had to have major ear surgery. Praise God that went well! It ended up being less invasive than they thought. However, the recovery has been MUCH harder than they had anticipated and much harder than we had prepared for! My poor husband has been completely incapable of self care this past week. He has needed help with EVERYTHING. Obviously changing his dressing and such but also ever time he needed a drink, to get food, etc. The first several nights we were up every 2-4 hours. I was EXHAUSTED!!! I guess that is what it will be like to have a baby! He needed medicine, comfort, water, you name it. He has basically be bed-bound, he hasn't even been able to shower yet.

Today was the first time he left the house and that was only because I had to take him to the hospital because we were concerned he had an infection (he doesn't!) We went to the VA hospital and they gave him a cane, because he is having a hard time walking due to the balance issues caused by working on his ear.

I've really felt for my poor baby. He is normally so strong and independent. Its sad to see him so weak and DEPENDENT. I've been really stretched thin this week, but you know what? I would not trade the opportunity to take care of my husband when he is ill for ANYTHING. It is such a blessing to be able to be here with him and to *know* he is being taken care of. He finally seems to be getting better today and that is a huge blessing too. :-) 

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  1. I'm hoping that your husband's condition has improved by now.
    Sounds like a drastic surgery. You're both young, you have a good attitude and faith, it should serve you well. God bless.