Friday, July 22, 2011

One year Anniversary

Our one year anniversary was June 28th, only, I'm just now getting the chance to write about it! In short, It was amazing and I LOVE my husband!

A few days before the grand event, I knew DH had something special planned, only, he wouldn't tell me what it was!!! It didn't matter how I tried to guess or bribe, he was not letting any clues slip. So the morning of, we exchanged little gifts with each other. Since we had decided to buy a canoe as out "official first anniversary present" we limited it to 10 bucks....we both ended up getting each other a coffee cup of some sort. Hehe. He'd spotted a batman mug a while back that he mentioned he liked and I wanted a travel thermos cup (the sort that look disposable but aren't And we just hung out at the apartment for a while, taking a slow morning, having fun together.

It wasn't time to go to the surprise date yet, so we went to the book store, which is our favorite hang-out and looked at books (this is because we are insanely cool and interesting people!) and drank coffee. I had this excited giddy feeling in my tummy. Its so fun to just hang out with my hubby and so fun also to think "a year ago today..." sort of thoughts.

Finally DH told me it was time to go to the surprise date! We got in the car and started driving...we got on the highway...and after a few minutes, I saw a familiar bridge! I knew where this man was taking me, why to the best Vegan Restaurant in the world of course! Not just any vegan restaurant, BUT the restaurant where we had our first date :-D It turns out, that he had even made reservations for us!!! It was so special. We hardly ever go out to eat and when we do, we usually split a meal to cut down on costs (strangely enough, that is usually plenty of food!) but today we decided to go all out and not only each get our own meal, but an appetizer too. The food was sooo good! We sat either at or near the table we had for our first date there. We couldn't remember for sure because we hadn't been back there since cus its kinda pricey...anyways, it was fun to remissness about our dating months while we enjoyed our first anniversary meal together. :)

After that, we went and walked along the side of the lake, which was nice because we had the PERFECT weather, We were also enjoying planning what we were going to do with our canoe, where we were going to take it.

In the days that followed, we got our canoe and I made carrot cake because thats what we had at our reception, but were not able to save any for our first anniversary. It was kinda special! I don't know how we forgot to take any pictures for the event, but we did totally forget. haha. Here is a picture though of our new boat!  

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