Friday, October 15, 2010

God is giving us plenty of practice with the "in sickess and in health" part of our vows

Well, it started the last day of our honeymoon. I got SOOO sick! My husband drove 8 hours straight through from our honeymoon to our hometown instead of staying the night over in another state like we had planned. We ended up in the ER that night when we couldn't get my fever of almost 104 to break. I had a really bad kidney infection which had me out of commission for a while. Just two weeks into our marriage I got to learn that my sweet husband is a VERY good care taker.

Unfortunately, I kept getting sick! Just a few weeks ago I posted on facebook how sweet my husband was for staying up with me all night, rubbing my back and getting me everything I needed- all the night before a big exam at school. I really am blessed by him.

Well, now its my turn! M is soooooo sick. It came on like a cold but got worse and worse/ He missed school today and I finally had to take him to the VA hospital to get checked turns out my sweetie has a bacterial and viral infection as well as a double ear infection. He's miserable. The doctor gave him several medications and instructions to do several things...So I have been trying to take care of M and do all the things on the list. It said he needed HOT fluids, so I bought him teas, apple cider and things for me to cook as soup. Check! It said he needed yogurt, So I got him some Organic dairy yogurt (Hubby's lacto-veg, not vegan like me and the dogs) as well as some soy yogurt. Check! It said to keep the house humid, so I bought and set up a humidifier. Check! It said he needed a special pediatric nose spray so I drove to three pharmacies around closing time in the dark till I found it. Check!

I was feeling so terrible having to drive around to so many different stores to get all this junk! LOL. I just wanted to be home with him, rubbing his back and magically making him feel better. :-(  Anyways...I just made him some "Feel Better Miso Soup." I figure if the probiotics in the yogurt are good then Miso  must be good. I actually halfway feel like his being sick is my fault cus I have been meaning to make Miso Soup to help boost our immune systems. I just haven't till now. Uggg.

Z's Feel Better Miso Soup

6 cups water
2/3 of a block of firm, organic tofu cut into small cubes
2 cups frozen veggies (Actually I prefer fresh veggies always but this is faster to free you up when you or your honey is so sick)
2 cloves of garlic, minced.
2 cups of cooked organic brown rice
1 heaping tablespoon of VegSal
2 tablespoons of Organic White Miso

Add first 6 ingredients to a pot and let simmer. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Add Miso paste in small increments so it mixed in easy. DO NOT ALLOW THE MISO TO BOIL. Serve hot.

I just feel terrible seeing M so sick. Hes really bad. Im happy though that I can try to help him feel better. I want to take good care of him! He's such a blessing to me. I have to go cuddle with my man. Later!


  1. Aw man! I hope he's feeling better! Yes, I'm vegan... Matt is not though. He's not even a vegetarian... But he has to eat that way at home b/c I'm the cook :-) He doesn't mind though!

  2. I was looking through blogger profiles and saw that you believed in 1 Cor 11! Woo Hoo! A rare find!
    Keep holding on to every word and hope your family is well soon!